I Discovered That I have A Nylon Fetish

I'm not sure when I discovered my nylon fetish but I do remember having an interest in it when I was a teenager. I used to love seeing my English teacher, Mrs. Hall wearing nylons and pantyhose. She used to wear them nearly every day with a knee length skirt and blouse. I spent a lot of time dreaming about touching her legs and feeling the soft nylons under my fingers. Soon it got to the point where dreaming about it wasn't enough to satisfy me and I began looking through my mother's dresser for nylons. Every now and again I'd take a pair of her nylon stockings and used them to masturbate with. I used to hide them at the back of my bedside table so I could use them again later on. I just loved the way they felt on me, it felt so good having the nylons rub slowly over my dick, letting the feeling build until I came in them. I've kept my nylon fetish mostly to myself because in the past when I first started to date it put me in a few awkward situations. I remember how bad many of my dates went because of my obsession with nylon covered legs. I just couldn't help myself; I'd gone so long with only dreaming about girls wearing them and getting to touch them that when it became I reality I went a little overboard. I gave them too many compliments but only because I wanted them to know how much I liked seeing them wear nylons and wanted them to keep doing it. I also focused too much on the nylons during sex, I spent a bit too much time touching their legs and asking to keep the nylons on for me. I think it was too much for them because they'd never dated a guy with a nylon fetish before and they weren't sure what to do about it. My dating life was a disaster until about two years ago when I started looking for a girlfriend who was into nylons like I was.

Met My Nylon Lover On Dating Portal

I met my current girlfriend Nicole two years ago on the dating portal Nylon Party and we hit it off right away. It's been a dream come true for me to have a girlfriend who loves to dress smart and sexy, always pairing her outfits with a sleek pair of nylons. I don't know why women look sexier when they're wearing nylons, maybe it's the way their legs look shiny or the smooth feeling of the material against their skin when I touch them. Whatever it is, dating a woman like Nicole has really allowed me to experience my nylon fetish in a new way. She loves nylons as much as I do and is always coming up with fun ways for us to indulge my nylon fetish. Just last weekend we had hot nylon sex at a party. It was just a normal party, we got invited by one of our friends that live nearby and there must have been about 10 of us who showed up. Nicole wore a short black dress and all it did was show off the nylons she had on under it. I couldn't take my eyes off her and all I wanted to do was touch her. She saw the looks I was giving her and discreetly reached down, lifting up the hem of her dress. I felt my dick stir and went over to her, standing close enough to slide a hand up her leg. She sipped on her wine and leaned close to me, whispering "Let's go upstairs, the bedroom should be empty." The thought of finally being able to touch her sent a rush through me and doing it in my friend's bed just made it more exciting. I took a quick look around at my friends and saw that everyone was busy chatting and drinking. No one would miss us, we could easily slip away for a bit.

The Tear In Her Nylons Were Just Big Enough

I left the room first and went to the bedroom where Nicole joined me a couple of minutes later. She shut the door quietly behind her and kicked her heels off. She got on the bed, leaned back and stretched out her long legs. I sat in front of her and put her feet in my, holding one in my hand. I massaged her foot, my fingers pressing into the sole and the nylons felt rough under my fingertips. While I was doing that her other foot began rubbing my crotch, her toes playing with my dick as it started to get hard. "Why don't you take your trousers off? It'll feel better." she said and I stopped for a minute to quickly do as she said and when I sat back down she put both of her feet in my lap. She cupped them around my dick and I felt her heavy, slippery feet give a little tug. I moaned and closed my eyes as she did it again, jerking me off slowly. I put my hand on her, feeling her in more ways than one as pre-cum leaked out of me. Her toes put pressure just under my head and I nearly lost it, I wanted her to go fast but I also wanted it to last. She kept going and I had to bite my lip to keep quiet. My dick was throbbing and I couldn't take it anymore. I nudged her feet off me and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her to me. I leaned over her, shoved her legs apart and ripped open her nylons so I could fuck her. Nicole moaned as I pushed into her and I felt her legs wrap around me. The nylons slid over me as I began thrusting in and out of her and it was impossible to forget she was wearing them. The tear in her nylons was just enough for me to enter and every time I moved I could feel the nylons against me, rubbing me gently. I went faster and she started to get loud with her cries so I put my hand over her mouth and shoved into her again and again. A tightening feeling grew in me and I came suddenly, no longer able to control myself.

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Nicole took off her ruined nylons and slipped them in her handbag before putting her heels back on while I fixed the bed. "Come on before somebody misses us."I told her and gave the room a quick look to make sure no one could tell we'd been in it. We went back to the party and carried on as if nothing had happened.

Discovering My Nylon Fetish
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